When I was younger, I remember my father waking up early Saturday mornings to make a pancake breakfast for the family. I usually woke up fairly early as well, so he always asked me to make the buttermilk syrup. Once breakfast was made, we would gather the family around the kitchen table, pray over the steaming pancakes, then eat a hearty meal together.

I recall my older sister, Jessica, entertained us all with stories about her date the night before and my oldest brother, Ryan, never missed an opportunity to crack a joke. We all loved swapping stories and sharing laughs. A couple of times Ryan got my mother to laugh so hard her eyes started tearing up and she begged my brother to stop making her laugh because her abdominal muscles hurt so bad.

I look back on those times with fond memories and greater appreciation for the value my parents placed on those family breakfasts. My father was and is an industrious man. I am sure that he could have utilized his precious Saturday morning hours with fixing leaky faucets or trimming the hedge, but he cherished his family and believed that eating meals with us was important enough to set his (and all of our) chores aside for an hour or two.

Buttermilk syrup is more than just a food product, it transcends a mere breakfast item. For me, buttermilk syrup represents hearty meals together with my family and bonding with my father while making breakfast.

While Uncle Bob’s Butter Country sells delicious buttermilk syrups – which we encourage all to try and enjoy – selling syrup is just a means to a much grander end. The ultimate goal of Uncle Bob’s Butter Country is to enrich family meals and preserve traditional family values.

Please let your friends know about our company and cause, as well as buy a bottle of our syrup of your own to support us in this effort to preserve meaningful family meals.

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