The Beginning


In 1983, my wife and I attended a pancake social. “Have you tried this syrup?” my wife asked. “It’s REALLY good!” I tried it and immediately asked for the recipe. Homemade buttermilk syrup instantly became our family’s favorite. Whole wheat pancakes topped with frothy buttermilk syrup became a celebratory breakfast for large family gatherings and holidays.

One morning when I made pancakes, I went to the fridge and found we had run out of buttermilk. Out came the imitation maple syrup. My children pushed their plates away. Their faces said it all. The high-fructose corn syrup simply would not do. That’s when it hit me.
— this was no ordinary syrup.

The Demand Grows

As years passed, my immediate and extended family grew. Friends and family who came to visit, and there was a lot of them, were treated to a pancake breakfast made complete with buttermilk syrup. The expression on their faces when they tried the syrup for the first time was unforgettable. The clamor from family and friends for their Uncle Bob’s syrup grew louder. “Enough!” I said. It was time to take this syrup to market.

My son and I spent hundreds of hours creating a shelf-stable buttermilk syrup without jeopardizing its fresh, all-natural taste. The stories we heard from people enjoying our syrup over everything from pancakes to yogurt encouraged us to continue forward in search for the right recipe.

Into the Market

In 2016, the Utah-based Harmons grocery stores introduced Butter Country Syrups™ to the public. In 2018, Butter Country Syrups™ entered into stores all along the Intermountain West. In 2020, we then entered grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest and Costco warehouses in Utah. I hope you enjoy these rich, creamy syrups with your family as I have with mine. Try these syrups on pancakes, hot cereal, fruit, ice cream, and more.

It seems like everyone who has tried buttermilk syrup has an idiosyncratic realization like I did years ago. As my son says, “Once you try buttermilk syrup, you don’t go back.” So what’s your story? Share it with us through FacebookInstagram, or email.

—Uncle Bob